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The HomeBuyers Bundle

What is a Bundle...?

The Bundle is changing the lives of HomeBuyers by SAVING
THOUSANDS of dollars both at closing and over the life of their loan!

My name is Kevin Retcher, I am the owner of First Meridian Mortgage Corporation , KSA Insurance Agency Inc ,and  a Realtor with Jobin Realty, I am able to bundle the services required for your home purchase in order to save you money, both at closing and over the life of your loan.


When Kevin Retcher or one of my Referral Buyers Agents represent you as your buyers agent and you obtain your loan through First Meridian,
I will originate your loan of FREE of Charge!*
That means wholesale rates with not one penny of added markup for First Meridian Mortgage and no loan officer commissions. You typically save a quarter of a percent or more in rate, or pay less closing cost or both -- your choice.


The fact is that all HomeBuyers can us the program so long as you are First Pre Approved By First Meridian Mortgage and Use Kevin Retcher, Jobin Realty as your Buyers Agent or one of his designated Referral Agent Partners. You Must qualify for a conventional Loan or a VA Loan. If you are only approved for a FHA Loan a different bundled package is offered.

The tech savvy Millennial and Gen Z clients are great online shoppers and value orientated. They like the fact that First Meridian Mortgage is not making any money originating the loan. The fact that they are getting the wholesale rate sheets from the investor and getting to choose their interest rate with out any markup is an exceptional value. Realizing they do not have to waste time shopping around and can concentrate on finding the perfect house. They also like the fact that they can tell their parents how great of a deal they found. College counts as time on the job, so a salaried College Grad can buy a home right out of college with as little as 3% down Conventional Financing

If you have a home to List/Sell and then Buy we have a Bundled package for you also. You would Sign with one of My designated Referral Agent (List and Buy), and then Sign a Buyers Agent Exclusive right to represent you with Kevin Retcher of Jobin Realty or stay with the Referral Agent. First Meridian then would originate your Home Loan with no origination fees to First Meridian Mortgage, saving you thousands of dollars.

I can’t think of a better deal that I can give to a serviceman as a Thank You! for his service as to originate his mortgage loan 100% for Free as a company. First Meridian Mortgage is a Veteran Owned Mortgage company. Kevin Retcher is a Marine and takes great pride in offering the HomeBuyers Bundle to serviceman because he knows how hard it is to buy a home in the Northern Virginia area on a Military salary. This is a benefit that can be used while PCS’ing to the area. There is not a credit union (Pen Fed, USAA, or Navy Fed ) or lender that we know of willing to work for Free! We will and put it in writing! Semper Fi!

This program works great for the client that knows what they want. Is online savvy and will often find their desired home on their own, but then needs help with evaluating the contract price, writing the contract,  getting financing and going to closing with the best price. They understand that since they are doing alot of the search they want a deal.

Relocation Benefits that can be offered to relocating employees that does not cost the company any money! Offer you incoming employees a benefit that no one else has and look like the hero saving them thousands of dollars.

For Example:

On a $500,000 loan, the lack of an origination fee means you could get a 4% interest rate instead of 4.25%. If you take that savings and put it in your pocket, you’ll save more than $52,000 over the life of the loan.

Think Smart.

If you apply it to your principal each month, you’ll save more than $73,000. Same great service, better coordination, and incredible savings.

Kevin Retcher, Has been ranked as a Loan Officer in the Top 200 loan officers in the nation Multiple times, and In the Top 50 Mortgage Brokers in the nation By Scotsman Guide. He was also ranked by Mortgage Executive, National Mortgage top 300 in the nation 2018. Kevin Retcher as a realtor with Jobin Realty received in 2018 the NVAR Platinum top Producers Club. 

List and Buy With Me, Your Loan Origination Is Free!

Local Relocation Package

23 Years in Business.

Have a home to list then need to buy your next home? 

I’ve got a plan for you! 

I’ll introduce you to one of my team of highly qualified referral partners to assist you in the listing process, then when you use either that same agent or me for your purchase, First Meridian Mortgage will originate your mortgage for free!

Always available for assistance

Call 703-799-5626

YOU are the core of our mission

Military Relocation - PCS

As a proud Marine veteran and a business owner, I have a special commitment to helping veterans and active-duty service members. 

Whether you use my services as a Realtor for your home purchase or use one of my designated real estate referral agents/partners, you get the same great savings as my buyer clients: 

First Meridian Mortgage will originate your loan for Free! 

Builder Bundle

You may have seen those builder incentives offering $10,000 to use the in-house lender.
How can I beat a builder’s loan? The typical builder deal will require loan fees that usually will eat up cost of the builder credits while giving you a higher interest rate,

When you use me as your buyer agent. 

When I originate the loan for free*, that lower interest rate means you save many times that $10K over the life of your loan. 

They’re offering you a little savings up front; I’m offering you wholesale rates that pay dividends with every mortgage payment.

While your savings vary depending on the specifics of your transaction, my primary goal is to package a better deal for you than any builder can or will provide. If i have control over both side of the transaction i typically can make the math work in your favor.  Many clients go to the builder directly thinking they will save on the price if they do not us a Realor. The fact is that in most cases they have built that fee into the price already.  In many cases the credits from the loan can be larger than the credits the builder is providing. The key is you have to be represented by Kevin or a designated Realtor before you go to the builder or at the first Preview of the Builder. 

Here's How It Works

  • Get pre-approved for your new home loan with First Meridian Mortgage.
  • Sign an Exclusive Listing Agent Agreement with one of my many extraordinary referral agents. (List and Buy)
  • Sign a Buyer Agreement with me, or with one of my designated referral partners. (All packages)
  • Once (1) your current home is sold and (2) we find the home you want to purchase and  (3) you’re under contract, First Meridian will originate the home loan.
  • First Meridian will give you access to one of five wholesale mortgage lenders.

You pick your interest rate without one penny of markup from First Meridian Mortgage. No loan officer fee; no origination fee from First Meridian Mortgage. That’s straight wholesale cost, as if you owned the company.* (It would be hard to find lower rates anywhere, even on the internet.)

The Result?

Local relocation and savings for everyone.

I don’t know of anyone out there offering this kind of service or these kinds of savings.

Talk to me about saving money every step of the way -- whether you’re buying a new home or a resale, whether you’re moving due to a military relocation, buying your first home, right-sizing your family home, or just buying local.

I’m here to help in every way!

Any inquiries?

We are here for you.


8305 Richmond Hwy, Suite 12A Alexandria, VA 22309 

Call Us: 

703.799.5626 Ext. 16

* Must qualify per lending guidelines for bundle. First Meridian Mortgage NMLS ID# 180004,Kevin Retcher NMLS ID# 1116922 www,nmlsconsumeraccess.org, Kevin Retcher Jobin Realty, 5592 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22151,lic# 022505584. All lenders may charge third-party fees, these are not FMMC origination charges, such as underwriting fees and flood, tax service; these fees can be placed in the pricing of the loan. No First Meridian fees, No origination, No processing. All terms put in writing. Restrictions may apply. Ask me about FHA loan adjustments. Client must start the buying process with First Meridian Mortgage. Clients under contract are not eligible. This is not an attempt to solicit a client if under agency Law/Represented by another Realtor.**Rates quoted as of 2/19/2018 with,20% down 4.00% rate APR 4.015 vs 4.25% rate  4.264% APR,740 credit, Must qualify for a conventional or VA Loan. Program rules and rates are subject to change without notice.